August 15

Somehow I knew it was her ever before she turned and waved. It was early(ish) for a Sunday (for me). She waved out the door of her topless jeep; the personalized plate affirming her identity. I was on a job, she clearly was as well. I wondered if it was the one of which we … Read moreAugust 15

August 9

That was the weekend; multiple clients, multiple obligations and missed deadlines. Dreams; the theme of the weekend. They happen. Broken sleep followed by controlled chaos and some deliberate down-time sprinkled in.Creativity and cohesive thought sacrificed now for convenience and deadlines. Undecided if it should be a story, a journal, for me or for others. We’ll … Read moreAugust 9

August 7

The rum flowed easy; it was a new-to-me type and caused the night to slip away. Duty called early today but the night wouldn’t be complete without a hunt for #1 client. Proved unsuccessful and led to a slight delay in starting the day.The clients were sloppy; each in their own way and as expected. … Read moreAugust 7