August 15

Somehow I knew it was her ever before she turned and waved. It was early(ish) for a Sunday (for me). She waved out the door of her topless jeep; the personalized plate affirming her identity. I was on a job, she clearly was as well. I wondered if it was the one of which we spoke about a couple weeks ago.
Remarkably this has been the first day in seven I’ve felt I have enough discretionary time to do much other than nod off while browsing a magazine. Early morning rounds felt great; not rushed and everyone was excited to be out. Trips were somewhat new and a little longer than usual, simultaneously allowing me to get in a workout.
Last night was close-out for one, today is a second and tomorrow a third. By now I’ve been able to follow some of the neighborhoods’ patterns and routines. They’re a couple of terrific neighborhoods; the residents have it good.
I’m good on my own; but better in their company. If there’s only one after the last week+ I’ve found it.  The trick is making it work.