Sept 2

One by one the jury filed around the corner into the deliberation room. It had been multiple days of hurry up and wait, punctuated by hours of evidence that were to be translated into fact; ultimately resulting in a verdict. Mostly strangers, some forays into something beyond acquaintances first faced with a 25% population loss then exposed to dozens of pages of seemingly foreign instructions followed immediately by the march into isolation. Only to emerge as as a unified group with a single decision; the fate of an individual and impact to so many others largely in their hands. A heavy charge under any set of circumstances; yet minor stacked up against the charge facing the accused.
Naturally both a short and long version exists; neither more or less interesting, both mildly entertaining. The short-he did it; after some dissecting of verbiage and round the table discussion a guilty was delivered. No hurt feelings, no surprises.
The long—it’ll need to come later; it’s a full story in and of itself.