Fall Fall

Fall finally hit the Mid-Atlantic October 26th-28th. A mild-ish ‘noreaster blew in bringing an inch+ of rain while dropping temperatures significantly.  I started riding a bike again post Leadville, sometime early- September. It’s been nice. We have bad roads (too much traffic, too few shoulders, too many bridges) to ride but we have an endless … Read moreFall Fall

The Confession

I’ve read it takes eleven to thirteen repetitions, twenty-one days and sixty-six days to create or break a habit. No consensus. Smoke a little smoke, drink a little drink, munch a little chip whatever the vice; many, lots, millions of us are faced with trying to undo a bad habit. On the other hand, likely … Read moreThe Confession

Four Quarters

We were outside doing yard work when we were kids—maybe I was nine-ten-eleven….when the whirl of a couple-three days was set in motion by a bone-cracking scream by my brother. He ran toward the house, most details fuzzy at best, incomplete at worst as it was decades ago…..he ran toward the house while either mom … Read moreFour Quarters