August 17

Ran upon the mobile dental unit on the p.m. run. (40 min easy)  Reminds me of how good some of us have it, how much we take for granted.
This made what, 8-9 consecutive p.m. trots around that ‘hood which was preceded by 6-7 consecutive days of slow trots around the same general area as well as 4-5 consecutives around a neighboring ‘hood. That was a busy 10 days with plenty of time to reflect on the events of each day as well as plan out each subsequent day. Have the blisters on the big toe of each foot to prove it. Blame it on the new kicks. That also wrapped up 8 consecutive days without a solid ride; disappointing for late Summer; must address that in the next few days.
I wonder how much activity the Smiles unit receives, how they know where to tour, how they sustain (obviously donations), and how it originated. If we as a community have the ability to ramp up and sustain something like this which (presumably) accomplishes only good–why the ongoing backlash against public healthcare? Understand the math and economics of it (increased deficit) but in principal what is the downside of making basic healthcare available and effectively required. Can’t buy a house without significant downpayment or insurance; can’t own a car without insurance, why should our citizens be allowed to deteriorate physically without some basic healthcare? Surely the longer term payback is positive.
Oh, in spite of how much fun the past 10 days was….it’s great to be back in my own bed; the accumulation of the last 10 was at the top end of desirable–it’ll be nice to have a few days of routine before the next event.