August 9

That was the weekend; multiple clients, multiple obligations and missed deadlines. Dreams; the theme of the weekend. They happen. Broken sleep followed by controlled chaos and some deliberate down-time sprinkled in.
Creativity and cohesive thought sacrificed now for convenience and deadlines. Undecided if it should be a story, a journal, for me or for others. We’ll see how it turns out. For now a rushed summary of weekend jobs: early a.m. brisk walks; only time it was decent for the clients. Felt rushed but they came out ok and better off than waiting until later in the days. Adjusting to new clients; believe they’ll work out great. They’re all three great and the atmosphere fits us fine. Easy to nap which is the clue to me it’s a favorable environment. Detailed summary gets printed.
Tops for the day:50 miles early a.m. @ ~~ 18. I’ll take it. That’s all I got.