(Originally posted late 2010. Minor edits to bring it current) I made an appearance at my hometown’s annual Pumpkin-Fest the first weekend in October. It’s one of those festivals with 1⁄2 ton pumpkins that are less round and more simply massive, multi-dimensional squash. Family was the driver for going but the opportunity to clean up … Read moreCircles

Fall Fall

Fall finally hit the Mid-Atlantic October 26th-28th. A mild-ish ‘noreaster blew in bringing an inch+ of rain while dropping temperatures significantly.  I started riding a bike again post Leadville, sometime early- September. It’s been nice. We have bad roads (too much traffic, too few shoulders, too many bridges) to ride but we have an endless … Read moreFall Fall


Fewer than nine months away I’m scheduled to run my first 100. I’ll say it first here—I’m less than optimistic. After a Fall filled with races from 5k > 50k I should be more optimistic. Perhaps a couple of the races provided the first clues. Sluggish, slow even. After a bit of time off it’s … Read moreCountdown

Grinding Gobblers

Pre-Pre Race It once was routine to make the time for a somewhat detailed summary of any running (and sometimes cycling) event longer than about twenty miles. Likely because, for me anyway, events were completed as part of a group; often one that traveled together for the weekend. Moving away from the corporate environment meant … Read moreGrinding Gobblers