Sept 15

Half a week late…..let’s see; week end 9/11/10 = ~~~ Roughly 30 bike on East side around Sabino Canyon. Call me one wheel—forgot a wheel and had to run back and pick up a wheel—missed the group. Drat. Great group breakfast though—good company. Toss in a couple commutes and a social weekend ride and we … Read moreSept 15

Sept 4

Quietly waiting for my shuttle to be called I tried in vain to ignore the (stereotypically) NY jewish lady in near scream mode to her relative on the phone. “yes, I know–I had a great time in the city honey; thanks so much. I hope you guys had a good time as well. I love … Read moreSept 4

Sept 2 (2010)

Added up for the week 8/21>>28 = 80 on the bike–90% at moderate effort 7.5 hrs on the feet; 90% not at effort. Just slogging through. A few of the miles at effort.  Travel baked in which had some impact on perceived effort as well as diet and sleep. Broken down = a solid effort; … Read moreSept 2 (2010)

Sept 2

One by one the jury filed around the corner into the deliberation room. It had been multiple days of hurry up and wait, punctuated by hours of evidence that were to be translated into fact; ultimately resulting in a verdict. Mostly strangers, some forays into something beyond acquaintances first faced with a 25% population loss … Read moreSept 2