August 17

Ran upon the mobile dental unit on the p.m. run. (40 min easy)  Reminds me of how good some of us have it, how much we take for granted.This made what, 8-9 consecutive p.m. trots around that ‘hood which was preceded by 6-7 consecutive days of slow trots around the same general area as well … Read moreAugust 17

August 15

Somehow I knew it was her ever before she turned and waved. It was early(ish) for a Sunday (for me). She waved out the door of her topless jeep; the personalized plate affirming her identity. I was on a job, she clearly was as well. I wondered if it was the one of which we … Read moreAugust 15

August 9

That was the weekend; multiple clients, multiple obligations and missed deadlines. Dreams; the theme of the weekend. They happen. Broken sleep followed by controlled chaos and some deliberate down-time sprinkled in.Creativity and cohesive thought sacrificed now for convenience and deadlines. Undecided if it should be a story, a journal, for me or for others. We’ll … Read moreAugust 9

August 7

The rum flowed easy; it was a new-to-me type and caused the night to slip away. Duty called early today but the night wouldn’t be complete without a hunt for #1 client. Proved unsuccessful and led to a slight delay in starting the day.The clients were sloppy; each in their own way and as expected. … Read moreAugust 7