***Caution*** Holiday Narrative Essay*

Abingdon Plantatation-Nat’l Airport Day of Departure. Note The Green!  It’d be easy to argue our time off/away during the Christmas and New Years season wasn’t a true vacation. I was there, loved the time away and still could make that argument! Blinding snowstorms, double-digit below zero wind-chills, deserted waterfronts, bloody feet, family squabbles and perhaps … Read more***Caution*** Holiday Narrative Essay*


Moving’s fun. Packing’s not. A terrific by-product of moving around has been a lack of accumulating stuff. I aspire to get to the point of –if I haven’t touched/used/reviewed/worn/dusted/thought about it in a year it’s game for my favorite donation center. I’m close. Sort of. I track donations pretty carefully, most have enough value to … Read morePackRat

Zip Codes

Currently the U.S. has more than 43,000 Zip Codes. It’d be close to say I’ve lived in about 25 of them. My personal record is living in four zip codes in one city/general area. I’ve done that a few times, three I believe. It’s become tough to recall how many different addresses it took to … Read moreZip Codes

Limits Suck

Over the last several, as many as 25?, years I’ve used various athletics to break into new communities. Softball, volleyball, beach volleyball!, biking, running. Great memories of 48 hour sand volleyball tournaments and softball road trips. Even a couple city league ball trophies! These large team sports helped me crack into group circles—probably because they usually … Read moreLimits Suck