Old Friends

In the tundra for a few days before heading back to the desert for the remaining holidays. Took a call from a friend from another life; turns out he’d be in town for the weekend and wanted to know if I was around.  Of course I changed plans and made myself available. A great afternoon … Read moreOld Friends

– 1 –CirclesI made an appearance at my hometown’s annual Pumpkin-Fest the first weekend in October. It’s one ofthose festivals with ½ ton pumpkins that are less round and more simply massive, multi-dimensionalsquash. Family was the driver for going but the opportunity to clean up at the affiliated 5k sealed the trip.This was to serve … Read more

Sept 2

One by one the jury filed around the corner into the deliberation room. It had been multiple days of hurry up and wait, punctuated by hours of evidence that were to be translated into fact; ultimately resulting in a verdict. Mostly strangers, some forays into something beyond acquaintances first faced with a 25% population loss … Read moreSept 2