I’ve been a bad friend

…to many for a long time.  Pick the reason, I’ve named and used them all. No time, not interested, booked, conflicts, work, tired, out of town, out of state.  Mostly it’s a combination of things; when isn’t that the case. A little selfish, a little exhausted, a little scared, a little coping. I’m reminded of … Read moreI’ve been a bad friend


….better to write for self and have no audience than write for an audience an have no self. I heard that around the end of the year and still couldn’t manage to send this post off the day it started.  Struggling with caring less about what others might think about what’s written than the personal … Read more1/1/11

A Javelina Christmas

Rounding the last corner, mere feet from the drive we saw the first one—-full grown and staring directly at us from the yard. This one had to run at the high end of the scale; maybe 50+ lbs. Immediately two of the dogs zeroed in on it and we had a stare-off. Rosie tried to … Read moreA Javelina Christmas

Any time the mood turns sour an image like this turns it around in a snap. Notice the honey bee hovering over the barrel cactus in all it’s fully bloomed glory. This taken just up the road at a beautiful low-range situated ideally for a day hike. Anyone who says the desert is dreary clearly … Read more

Steam poured in from the wall; hardly elevating my core or increasing the sweat already pouring down my face. A couple more minutes and the connection was made back to hot sultry Florida days—and again back to Greg. I’m embarrassingly behind in keeping up; a poor excuse for maintaining a nearly two-decade long friendship.   … Read more