Face(s) (of) The Nation

Currently our country is made up of approximately 17% Hispanic or Latino of any type and approximate 13% African American. Several other ethnicities make up single digits. In addition women make up more than 50% of our population and men make up a higher percentage of the population in only two of our states.  This being the case why is it the Democratic Party continues to siphon away a sizable majority of the non-white-non-male electorate?  What is in the messaging or candidates of the Republican Party that has resulted in this evolving shift?

Growing up (the little I recall) nearly everyone around us was Republican. Male, female, young, old, rich, poor it simply seemed that’s what you were in our ag and manufacturing dominated, largely rural state. I’m not sure I knew what a Democrat was until going away to school. Given that degree of naiveté it still seems unreal that the 98% caucasian territory in which I grew up would become the party of the Republicans—or that the Republicans would adopt my people and no-one else. It’s disappointing to say the least.   While we’re not confronted with political duals in the streets or all-out brawls in the halls of Congress it’s difficult to see how we find a way to create and enact legislation that helps the greater good.