Get Out

Sometimes good fortune is truly good fortune. A Younger Wells made reservations several weeks ago to visit. I had plans for us.  Many plans. Mostly loose plans. Highly flexible but many plans over a few days. Good weather, bad weather, indoor, outdoor I had plans. Those fell apart rather spectacularly when, well, I fell apart.  … Read moreGet Out

Breaking Host Records

Records and marks exist for everything. We’d be in the money for ‘Entertaining or Hosting Friends in a Twelve Month Period’. Key being friends—not associates, operatives, or (unfortunately) even family–but friends. People we could (and have, and do) call out of the blue and request a favor or make an announcement with no judgement. People … Read moreBreaking Host Records

Remember, Don’t Forget, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

MLK Day 2014 By now most, and I’d put it at a very high majority, of Americans have put the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day activities and messages clearly in their rear-view mirrors. That’s unfortunate; almost tragic. With our collective interests focused on —the next thing— and our increasing individual short attention spans even something … Read moreRemember, Don’t Forget, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.