The Confession

I’ve read it takes eleven to thirteen repetitions, twenty-one days and sixty-six days to create or break a habit. No consensus. Smoke a little smoke, drink a little drink, munch a little chip whatever the vice; many, lots, millions of us are faced with trying to undo a bad habit. On the other hand, likely … Read moreThe Confession

Food Trucks

Mobile meals are a bizarre business, rife with contradictions, barriers and opportunities. Most of us had our first experiences with them in our youth, often at athletic events. Remember the hot-dog, soda and popcorn machines that were wheeled around to different parts of the school? Wheeled into storage when not used then wheeled out for … Read moreFood Trucks

FoTo FriDay 11/15/2013

  Capital Macaroni – Finale A local lunch favorite shuttered its window today. CapMac, which had drawn quite the following amongst the locals, closed for good today. Note the line still wrapping around the corner….well past lunch at 2:00pm! One of the Final Customers Classic Mac   Yum!