FoTo FriDay

This is what non-fat chai, lite ice looks like at 10:00 a.m. on a random Friday in the land where the top 5% average $500,000 and the bottom 20% average less than $20, 000. Livin’ it large in the security state.

Nonfat chai, lite ice. Really
Nonfat chai, lite ice. Really

Big Surprise: Terrorists Might Do Something

Apparently the Department of Homeland Security has been feeling irrelevant lately. While their latest headline: Terrorists may try to sneak stuff into toothpaste tubes sounds provocative, it’s hardly so.

How about a front page, headline grabbing line such as:

This year we’ll spend more than $59B (that’s Billion) on the 13 year old, 240,000 employee Department of Homeland Security. In only 13 years we’ve managed to shove through an agenda large enough to  ramp up this agency to this size–nearly $60B. It’s nice to be made aware the terrorists —may— try and stuff some stuff into a few tubes of toothpaste during this narrow Olympics timeframe.  It’s unfortunate we’ve lost the ability to lead at the highest levels of government to better address the things that —will— happen this year. I’ve thrown away votes before–knowingly mind you–on candidates I believed would have done a better job leading than governing. Unfortunately I’m likely to continue to throw away those votes in the hopes that someday we can get a few folks in place who are better qualified to lead, not just govern.