Wait For The Shake!

Standing up to pee (for a guy) shouldn’t necessarily be a thing. Nor, for that matter, should talking about peeing standing up. Yet it is. A thing. It’s a thing to the hundreds of thousands of male patients (apologies—unable to comment on any of this from the view of the gals)  each year who undergo … Read moreWait For The Shake!

Changing Lanes

  It’s nearly a week now since I penned a somewhat, semi-formal letter to multiple local municipal mayors as well as a representative for the local/regional streets and roads maintenance program. I’ll attach. It was, what I thought to be, a rather simple request to an annoying if not outright dangerous problem. Heavily traveled local … Read moreChanging Lanes

Turkey Trifecta 2016

(copied) ———- Forwarded message ———- From: Schweizer, Mike <MSchweizer This was in the Columbia Tribune this morning… appropriate for the SCRC Turkey Trifecta… Going to get her a SCRC Shirt for the next roadrace!!! From: Elsbernd, Ryan [mailto: Sent: Tuesday, November 22, 2016 9:29 AM To: Subject: Gravy Training: SCRC Turkey Trifecta 2016 – Day … Read moreTurkey Trifecta 2016