All Furniture, Half-Off From Now Till Noon!

Talk about a holiday gift! The voice resonated out of the marginally effective overhead speakers, crackling every couple of sentences. Slightly shrill, plenty of volume to carry through the sparsely populated 3000-odd square feet of merchandise crammed space. ‘Attention Goodwill shoppers, from now until twelve noon ALL furniture is on sale, half-off. That’s right, half-off … Read moreAll Furniture, Half-Off From Now Till Noon!

Labor Day Preview

All holidays are great–some more great than others. Ones without implied gift giving/receiving have been my favorite for about as long as I can remember.  Being, even feeling, compelled to gift someone something they may or may not like, use, etc…..that often does little more than collect dust then further clog up our mountainous refuse … Read moreLabor Day Preview